Community support for Pearl in Lee County Observer

Bishopville, S.C.—Sept. 25, 2015—Community support for Pearl Fryar featured in Lee County Observer article “Waffle House supports Fryar’s work with donation.”

For twenty years, Pearl Fryar and the Bishopville Waffle House have had a special relationship—a relationship that began with a simple request for a topiary and developed into a tremendous display of support for Fryar’s work, a sponsorship of his annual fundraiser.

The original request came from Bishopville Waffle House manager Christina Schnipke. Schnipke asked Fryar for some “‘swirly’ bushes out front of the restaurant,” and in exchange, Fryar could eat free for life. Fryar agreed, and this work caught the eye of many—including Waffle House Headquarters.

In the photograph above, Fryar, center, and the President of the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc, Reverend Jerome McCray, right, accept a check from Waffle House Headquarters. The check was presented by Schnipke, the woman who made it all possible.

The money Schnipke presented to Fryar is for the production of the 2016 Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden calendars. The calendars, that feature twelve images from the Garden, are sold to support the preservation of the garden and provide scholarships for local teens.

The 2016 calendars will be on sale in October and will be available at the garden, and through and the Garden Conservancy’s websites.




Photo Credit: Original article and photograph by Gee Atkinson, Editor, Lee County Observer, September, 2015